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School Counselor-Secondary
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1)             Establishes short and long range program goals which are consistent with the general philosophy of the school system as embodied in curriculum guides, adopted textbooks and handbooks

2)             Assist in planning and developing the guidance program and the curriculum in relationship to the needs of pupils.

3)             Establishes a rapport with each student that is conducive to learning and to the development of a positive self-concept

4)             Through counseling, helps each student understand himself/herself in relation to the social and psychological world in which he/she lives; accept himself/herself as he/she is; develops personal decision-making competencies; and resolves special problems.

5)             Assists in implementing school-wide policies and rules governing student conduct.

6)             Assumes the role of consultant in the school’s program of pupil appraisal.

7)             Helps to identify pupils with special abilities or needs.

8)             Accumulates information and assess the progress of students on a continuing basis, provides progress reports, and holds appropriate conferences with students, staff, and parents.


9)             Maintains accurate and complete records as required by law, district policy, and administrative regulation.

10)           Collects and disseminates to students and their parents information concerning school offerings, opportunities for further education, and careers and career-training opportunities.

11)           Participates in the organization and administration of the Standardized Testing Program.

12)           Helps students make the transition from one school level to another, from one school to another, and from school to employment.

13)           Makes appropriate referrals and coordinates the use of special school services available beyond those he/she can provide.

14)           Make pupils and their parents aware of the availability of special services outside of the school.

15)           Maintains liaison and cooperative working relationships with other pupil personnel specialists and with agencies in the community where special services are available.

16)           Plans with teachers and administrators for the placement and scheduling of pupils.

17)           Helps students make appropriate choices of school programs and develop long-range plans of study.

18)           Acts as a consultant to parents regarding the growth and development of their children.

19)           Provides parents and staff members with information about students with due regard for the student’s right to confidentiality.

20)           Assists parents to develop realistic perceptions of their children’s development in relation to their potential.

21)           Serves as a consultant to members of the administrative and teaching staff in the area of guidance.

22)           Helps to identify students with special needs and problems.

23)           Participates in in-service training programs.

24)           Assists teachers to secure materials and develop procedures for a variety of classroom guidance experiences.

25)           Conducts or cooperates with others in conducting local research related to student needs and how well school services are meeting those needs.

26)           Participates in contacting graduates and dropouts for the purpose of obtaining information regarding comparisons of scholastic aptitudes with achievement, selection of courses of study, and post high school experience.       

27)           Attends meetings as required (i.e., faculty meetings, parent conferences, etc.).

28)           Serves as established committees, either on a voluntary basis or by assignment.

29)           Submits annual budget requests to the building principal.

30)           Conducts and records an annual inventory of the equipment and supplies for which they are responsible.           

31)           Supervises guidance secretary.

32)           Strives to keep informed of the current educational trends in this area.

33)           Accepts and performs duties and responsibilities, not ordinarily associated with the position, in cases of emergency or when unusual or unpredictable circumstances arise.

Job Qualifications

New York State Certification as School Counselor.  Prior Experience Preferred.

Application Procedure

When you arrive to the upload portion of this application you will be prompted to upload your response to the following question.  You may upload your response as a word document or a pdf.

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