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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
Cleaner - 2nd Shift08062020


This position involves manual work calling for the efficient and economical performance of building cleaning.  Cleaning is performed according to a well-established routine.  Does related work as required.

This is a second shift assignment.

Per Contract
Substitute Teachers (Per Diem)ST2020

Per diem Substitute teachers needed district-wide for the Elementary and Middle/High Schools.

$105 per day (Cert.), $90 per day (non-Cert.)
Cafeteria Monitor11302020

This is responsible work calling for the exercise of good judgment and special ability to get along well with children.

Per Contract
Business Administrator/Manager01042021


The Business Manager is the administrator who provides the leadership to maintain and improve the support services throughout the District.  He/She is the intermediary officer between the Superintendent of Schools and all nonteaching supervisory personnel.  He/She participates with the supervisors in communications and relationships with the community.  He/She is generally responsible to the Superintendent for all nonteaching services provided throughout the District.


1)         To serve as recorder of proceedings at all meetings of the voters of this District and reports made by trustees and the Superintendent.

2)         To give notice, according to Education law, of the time and place of holding the Annual Meeting and special meetings called by the Board o

            Education.  Coordinate Annual Budget Vote.

3)         To attend all meetings of the Board of Education and keep a record of proceedings.

4)         To supervise the implementation of school policy regarding public access to records.

Per Contract
Secondary Science Teacher (2)02152021

Searching for candidates in the subjects of Earth Science, Biology, and Physics.

Provides appropriate instruction within the prescribed curriculum

Provides a variety of activities designed to meet students academic, social, psychological and physical needs.

Administers a wide range of assessments.

Maintains accurate, up-to-date student records.

Is aware of changes in student behavior and seeks appropriate assistance.

Initiates and maintains communication with parents.

Exercises sound judgment and discretion in all aspects of professional duties.

Provides classroom management that enhances the teaching-learning process.

Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and other personnel.

Participates in appropriate activities for professional growth.

Participate in relevant decision making groups.

Prepares for instruction and maintains appropriate written lesson plans.

Focuses on student outcomes as the primary aspect of instruction.    

Carries out any other assigned duties and/or responsibilities, which may be deemed, appropriate by the

    Superintendent of Schools (or designee) and the Board of Education.

Per Contract

Caledonia-Mumford Central School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, 
religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital status or military status.